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ACC Chancel Choir – Book Club – Knitwits

ACC Chancel Choir               CLICK> Sample Video of Choir Singing 09-26-15

The Affton Christian Church Chancel Choir has a variety of responsibilities.  Their primary role is to support and enhance the congregation in singing worship songs.  The choir is an important leader in worship, guiding the gathered in prayer and praise through song.

Our choir is made up of volunteers who view their choir membership as stewardship of their talents and time.  They rehearse the music so they can lead with confidence and can give heartfelt expression to the music.  They work diligently to provide an emotional venue for congregational worship.  Choirs that are enthusiastic, understand their role, and approach their task with a sense of reverence will, in turn, provide the congregation with a means to truly encounter God in its worship.  We, the members of the Affton Christian Church Chancel Choir, strive to do that.

May anyone sing in the choir?   I have often heard church members say they wish they could sing, but cannot, but appreciate having a choir that can.  Making music in a choir is a joint endeavor and each singer must be able to contribute to the whole.  If you feel you have a musical ability and a dedication to being part of this important element of worship, I encourage you to consider being a member of the choir.

The Affton Christian Church Chancel Choir may be small compared to some churches, but we are sure God appreciates our efforts.  We try to keep a regular rehearsal to be prepared for every worship service.  Most church choir singers are very committed to their leadership role, rehearsing weekly and being present for worship each Sunday.  Some singers commit to sing in the choir for a particular season, and some who cannot make a long-term commitment may agree to rehearse for a period of time when a large choir is needed or desired.

The Affton Christian Church Chancel Choir extends a warm, ongoing invitation to anyone who likes to sing, to come and join us.  There are many rewards for being in the church choir, but the greatest reward is the pure joy that one experiences when the body, mind and spirit work in harmony to create a more unique worship experience.  So offer up your voice to “sing praises to the Lord”!

If you have an interest in joining or learning more about the ACC Chancel Choir, speak to me any of the current choir members.

Deborah Mihok, ACC Music Director d.mihok@yahoo.com

Book Club

The ACC book club usually meets the fourth Tuesday of each month and reviews a book selected by members at the previous meeting. Meetings start around 7:00 p.m. The book subjects cover a wide spectrum of topics.  We meet at members’ homes and the meeting usually lasts about an hour.  Any one is welcome. The book and meeting place are mentioned in the “Spire” the ACC newsletter,  For more information contact the office.


Knitwits meets at Affton Christian church every third Wednesday at 6:30. We teach knitting to persons who have never knitted. Supplies and patterns are available.  Also, tips every meeting for experienced knitters.  Our goal is to give persons a new hobby and the opportunity to help others. We gave 215 knitted items last year to needy children. Some items are chosen by mothers for their child. Some are given to chemotherapy patients.

250 items 250 items created so far this year for charity
Want to start a new Special Interest Group send info to webmaster and invite others on blog. Special Interest groups serve others through inasmuchas and can be fun at the same time.