Safe Church Policy


It is the mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to work for healing in a fragmented world. We
recognize that the world is never more fragmented than when violence and abuse occur against those most
vulnerable in our society. It becomes even more fragmented when said violence and abuse is perpetrated
against or by a member of the church.

The policy that follows is designed to provide a place that is safe for everyone to be nurtured in their faith
development. We strive to protect the life and dignity of those who are vulnerable to abuse by striving to
protect the privacy, rights, and dignity of both the victim and the accused. It may become necessary for the
church (ACC) to restrict or limit the participation of individuals who are perceived to pose a threat to the
safety of others, until such time that said threat is judged to no longer exist.

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Safe Church

Safe Church Policy


Affton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) provides training to anyone wishing to work with those described above including but not limited to youth. Anyone wishing to participate in a hands on roll with children at such events as VBS will need to be Safe Church Trained. ACC provides this training several times a year and especially leading up to events like VBS where volunteers are welcome. Those not Safe Church Trained will not work with the children but may serve in other non contact roles. Check the calendar for upcoming training dates or call the office and request training.

Office Ph: 314-631-5777